Pearse Hall

3034 S Gratten Ave

Gymnasium, Ramova, Computer Lab


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Our Gymnasium is used for sports (such as basketball, badminton, roller-hockey, indoor soccer, and dodgeball), group volunteer orientations, and senior exercises. It is also available for private events.

Ramova Room


The Ramova Room embodies a myriad of concepts. Starting as a simple concrete storage room in a building with a gymnasium, it now holds the remnants of a historical neighborhood staple. Not only is it a monument to the past, but it is also a practical hub of activity in the present. The Ramova Grill was one of the oldest diners in the city, located near Halsted and 35th. When it closed, its booths, tables, chairs, bar and stools were renovated and re-installed in what we now call the Ramova Room. This challenging process was undertaken by resident staff, folks from the grill, and volunteers. Its walls are adorned with images created in a mural painting workshop for youth. The space now hosts the food pantry on a weekly basis, and is also home to community meals, lively Benton House fundraisers, Bingo games, the library and more. It is a multi-functional space that is a testament both to preservation and utilization. The Ramova Room is available for private events.

Computer Lab


Our Computer Lab is used for Youth Programming, such as our Youth Robotics program and our Computer Refurbishment Classes. Eventually, we would like this lab to be open to the public and provide computer and internet access to our neighbors.