Faurot Hall

3052 S Gratten Ave

Residences, Main Offices, Mural Room, Dining Room, Recording Studio, and Woodshop


Residence Hall


The hall for residents is located on the second floor of this building. About 10 residents may comfortably live together in the hall. Each resident is allotted a room to live in for a certain period, and in return devotes time, skills, and resources to better operate the Benton House and fulfill its mission. Since residents are operators it is much different than a glorified living space. Residents are almost always "communing," whether it be with each other, younger and older community members, folks from local businesses, sister organizations, colleges, and universities. There is an expectation that all residents be examples of what it means to be an engaged community member.  A resident at the Benton House is everyone's neighbor and hopefully we are all better for it.



Our Offices are open from 9-5 M-Th. During business hours you are welcome to walk-in or give us a call.

Though we have scheduled office hours, is it possible resident staff will be available to talk or meet with you outside regularly scheduled office hours.

Simply call or e-mail us to schedule an appointment.

Mural Room


The Mural Room gets its name from the series of murals that are hung along the walls. The murals were painted and gifted to use by Dorothy Harmon in 1920, in memoriam of her sister. They depict historic, biblical, and fantastical moments of humanity. 

The Mural room is home to various programming, such as our After School Matters Sound Alternative program, and is also available to reserve for private functions.

Dining Room

dining room.jpg



The Dining Room accommodates residents, volunteers, private parties, and community gatherings.


Though Benton House once hosted wood-working and carpentry classes, the woodshop is currently used to build garden beds, library shelves, and other miscellaneous programming needs.

Recording Studio

Our recording studio is located in the basement, and was put together and engineered by Jaime Gartelos and his Sound Alternative students.