Alexander Colston

Alex Colston arrived to the Bridgeport neighborhood in January of 2010. At that time he began his studies at Shimer College, and has since graduated with a degree in Humanities. During the first two years of his stint at Shimer, Alex did not very much involve himself in the community of Bridgeport. Likely one would have found him walking around both day and night, entering and exiting restaurants and bars keeping largely to himself. In Alex’s third year at Shimer he fortuitously took a field trip to Benton House. Consequently, during the summer of that year he began an internship at the ole’ Bhouse. His time was spent working on renovation projects such as the Ramova Room & our Basement Recording studio, as well as acting as liaison for our After School Matter’s programming. Once Alex graduated from Shimer he was faced with a decision. Seeing as he had begun being a Barista at Jackalope Coffee & Tea, while still spending time at Benton House, Alex had become very fond of the Bridgeport neighborhood. So he decided to move into Benton House in August of 2013. His work now involves Benton House’s financial and legal operations, and he assists in the coordination of the library program. One could still find him entering and exiting restaurants & bars, but he is probably no longer keeping to himself.