-Audio Electronics-

A fun introduction to electrical theory and practice


6 week program starting June 23rd

10am-2pm Monday-Thursday
Instructor: Jaime Gartelos
In partnership with After School Matters

Program Highlights

  • Hands on learning

  • Real-world applications of electrical theory

  • Maintain, repair, and construct sound equipment

  • Students are paid stipends through After School Matters

Skills Developed

  • Understanding of electrical theory

  • Collaboration and teamwork

  • Soldering and metering

  • Practical workplace skills

Learn how to construct, repair, and maintain sound equipment and receive a paycheck in the process. It's fun.

The Audio Electronic program introduces teens to electrical theory and practice. The program focuses on construction, repair, and maintenance of existing sound equipment, conception and construction of new equipment, as well as instruction in the field of general electronics. Apprentices learn basic electronics, basic soldering, metering skills, theory and practice of electrical audio concepts, and real-world repair. The curriculum teaches logic and practical workplace skills, and focuses on the successful completion of different class projects.


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