We have tons of food!

Due to an influx of clients needing food on Thanksgiving week, the deadlines for submitting food orders for our pantry were changed, and we were unable to put in our orders in time. Our food pantry coordinator, Elise Cody, scrambled to find other sources of food for our Thanksgiving weekend food pantry, and to our surprise we've managed to obtain even more food than usual!

"It felt really lucky," said Elise. "I was worried we wouldn't have enough food."

Thanks to charitable organizations, such as the Resource Center Union Avenue Food Pantry, Door to Door Organics, and The Greater Chicago Food Depository's Freemart, we were able to stock our shelves and more. But it's not always organizations that make a difference. "A woman dropped in who said she's lived in the neighborhood for forever. She asked 'What can I do to help?' I gave her a list of foods we were short on. She came back later with her arms full of grocery bags of food. She said, 'I didn't even know there was a food pantry here! Shame on me!'"