Gilbert Salazar's Acting Debut

Golly, you guys, do we have some news for you! The Benton House staff is enthusiastically preparing for an original short film called “Texas Ranger Saves the Womens' Day,” a Western starring none other than local celebrity Gilbert “Gil” “Elvis” Salazar as Texas Ranger. Yeehaw! Boy howdy, Texas Ranger thought he done took down Torpedo Tim, but now he's back, stampin' up a whole mess of dust and trouble. The script is almost ready, so keep your eyes peeled! If you see Gil around the neighborhood, be sure to ask him about it, he'll tell you everything you want to hear.


While yer at it, keep checking back right here, and we'll show you what items Gil has been adding to his ever-growing collection of Elvis memorabilia, CDs and DVDs.



Resident staff Megan McDonald posing with the soon-to-be famous Gilbert Salazar