Happy Birthday Gilbert!

On Monday, February 3rd, Benton House and the Bridgeport community came together for a joyful celebration. “What did they celebrate?” you might ask. Only the most important day of the year! It was the birthday of Chicago rock star and old-school music icon Gilbert “Elvis” Salazar. 

Gil turned 55! All of his fans showed up to pay him tribute. Benjamin Huey, local Elvis Presley impersonator, popped by to swing his hips and play some air guitar.

Gilbert Salazar has been a mainstay at Benton House for years, hanging out almost every day and providing much-needed security to the premises. He is happy, funny, and kind, and everyone in the neighborhood who is lucky enough to know him has a little extra light in their lives because of him. 

If you've met Gil, you know he loves Elvis, and he was showered with Elvis-themed presents, an Elvis cake (thanks Mark Lennon) and plenty of tunes. Happy birthday, Gilbert! We hope it was a good one.