New Benton House President Donates $3,000 to New Zealand

"They need to get their island back in one piece." - Trevor Griffith, Interim President of Benton House

Elise Cody and Megan McDonald, two Resident Staff members of Benton House, awoke yesterday morning to the booming, triumphant voice of their new President, who called a "very, very early" staff meeting at 5:47 a.m. on Monday morning.

"I just had to tell someone. Everyone." Trevor Griffith explained. "I saw it all at once... in a dream. We're all connected. Except New Zealand."

"Yeah, I just came over to borrow a saw." Bob Clee, a neighbor of Benton House claimed. "And the next thing I know this Trevor fella is... well, he's shouting at me. About what? I have no idea. Apparently Cook Strait was never meant to be."











Merry April Fool's!