Summer Soccer at Benton House, So Long!


Hi Bridgeport Community,

This past summer kids from the community were trained in soccer by the wonderful and skilled Elise, Arlo, Alex, and me, Maritere. 

The small number of players allowed for a lot of one-on-one training to happen. With the individualized attention, players showed improvement soon after the start date. Aiden, one of our participants, had perfect attendance and discovered his love for the goalie position, a very important position in soccer indeed. 

With help offered by fellow resident staff, children learned a lot of pretty cool soccer drills that prepared them for the soccer field. We began training exercises like learning how to properly kick, dribble, and pass the ball. One of the most challenging exercises was to touch the ball with the tip of the shoe, switching off feet as quickly as they could without putting too much of their weight on the ball, thus avoiding moving the ball’s place on the ground. This sounds easier than it is!

Elise, one of our trainers, taught the group a drill called “Knock Out." She set up a circular training area outlined by cones. The kids played inside the uncomfortably small area and tried to control the ball and knock the ball out the other players’ feet simultaneously! This creates a chaotic drill scene, yes, but it teaches the group to keep good control of the ball and develop both offensive and defensive strategies. These are just a few of the fun, educational soccer drills our players completed.

The players were not the only great people involved in the soccer training. I was amazed at the help that my fellow residents offered through out the trainings. I want to thank them for that.

There are more soccer training programs to come - indoor soccer, that is! Details are on their way. I hope you can join us!