Civic Engagement:
"Individual and collective action designed to identify and address issues of public concern."


Critical Book Club

Our world is complex. The problems we face as a community and a society are vast and profound, and often beyond our immediate understandings of the world. The Critical Book Club recognizes the importance of community and self education, and invites Bridgeport and its affiliate communities to explore, challenge, questions, and share ideas about the problems we face today and the books that might help us solve them.

We aim to help develop a culture of critical engagement, mutual aid, and creative autonomy in our neighborhood. Toward this end, we are seeking the participation of everyone interested, regardless of personal, educational, or professional background.

Books are chosen by consensus of the group, with a focus on books that aim to address and/or explore cultural and socioeconomic issues present in our time. If you're into discussing alternative strategies for engagement with the world, or just curious about certain ideas and want to approach them with us in a supportive and critical environment, contact us ASAP!

E-mail Ty Cummings at for more info.

Social Justice Workshop Series

This is currently in the works! More information will be up shortly.

Program Coordinators:

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