-Computer Technology-

Interconnected opportunities in education and professional development

10 week program starting June 21st

Saturdays 11am-2pm
Program Coordinator: Ben Noetzel
Instructor: Michael Lane
In partnership with Youth Technology Corps

Program Highlights

  • Refurbish computers for community organizations

  • Students take home a computer they repair themselves

  • Educational, informative curriculum includes the How's and Why's of computer technology

  • Professional development and guest speakers

Skills Developed

  • Logic, problem solving, and troubleshooting

  • Vocabulary, communicating concepts in technology

  • Understanding of career opportunities and practical applications of computer technology


Computer Technology at Benton House is a way for youth to experience hands-on computer education, while learning real world applications from professionals in the field of computer technology. The program consists of four components: Computer Refurbishment, Technology Club, Service Trips, and Professional Development.

Students learn from skilled instructors how to disassemble broken computers, test components, repair hardware and load software, making newly functional computers. After the computers have been refurbished, they are donated to needy schools, churches, and community centers. Students also build their own computers and take them home at the end of the course.

Youth who show interest in pursuing their education of computer technology are invited to attend Benton House's Technology Club, where participants acquire a deeper knowledge of computers and work on personal and group projects.

We work with the Youth Technology Corps to arrange service trips, where students get real world, on-site training in computer repair and maintenance. This, combined with guest speakers and professional development presentations, prepares students to engage meaningfully in the world of computer technology.


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Learn more about the Youth Technology Corps by visiting their website at www.youthtechnologycorps.org