Benton House History Project

Benton House is likely the only settlement house left which follows the traditional resident staff model here in North America. In the interest of organizing and protecting our old documents and treasures, we are in the midst of this summer's Benton House History Project. On one hand, we will be improving our record-keeping, and on the other hand, we will be finding out more about how we got to where we are. 

There are some supplies we need to store our records better and keep them young and healthy. Take a look at our wish list! 

I will be publicly sharing the details of this project every step of the way. In the spirit of my day-to-day work at Benton House, I hope this project will be multipurpose, bringing us closer to other historical institutions and to other lovers of history. If you would like to be updated as we go, please e-mail If you are interested in working on the project as an intern or volunteer, please e-mail



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