Permalife Bond Sheets for BH History Project

This paper is acid-free and can be a lifesaver in a variety of ways. It does not yellow or become brittle with age (...magic?!). It can be use to print copies of old newspapers on (newspaper is notorious for falling apart within a couple of years), to put between documents to keep them from deteriorating each other, and printing new archival material onto for permanent record keeping. If only they'd had this stuff 100 years ago! Each package comes with 500 sheets, which of course will only be the tip of the iceberg of our iceberg-sized needs. But every little bit counts a big bit! And we'll use what we have to preserve what we can.

Package of 500 sheets of Permalife Bond Paper (Hollinger Metal Edge) = $32.05*

*If you get this, we'll get the shipping ;)

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