Backyard Botany is Benton House’s own community garden, built by interested community members who transformed our back lot into an educational space for teaching others about growing food locally.

The food grown is distributed at our Food Pantry for our community to enjoy.

Garden Workdays:

Thursday 5-7pm
Saturday 1-4pm

Open to all. 


Today the garden consists of several raised garden beds and ecologically sustainable structures where volunteers grow food that caters to our community.

Our gardening employs the agricultural concepts of permaculture and organic production, where we not only grow healthy vegetables that are distributed at our weekly food pantry, but we also incorporate native plants, diverse wildlife, and even a beehive to boot!

We offer volunteer workdays and projects year-round that community members and volunteer groups are invited to become involved in. Our continuing goals are reaching out to our multicultural neighborhood, building up an agricultural space that community members may not have access to in our urban landscape, and creating educational opportunities.

For more information, ways to get involved, or if interested in becoming a part of our steering committee, contact Denis at

Donate to Backyard Botany

You can help by...

  • Donating directly
  • Gifting us supplies
  • Volunteering!

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