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April 4th - AUA Presents: Movie & Mingle


Chicago's Advocates for Urban Agriculture and Benton House's Backyard Botany are hosting an event of (organically) epic proportions! A documentary and talks about urban agriculture... (read more and RSVP here!)

"Sriracha Social" Fundraiser Ends Prematurely

After one hour, the "Srirachi Social," the most recent installment of Benton House's Monthly fundraisers, proves good natured, but ultimately unsuccessful. Nevertheless, thank you to all our sponsors. (Read More)

New Benton House President Takes Novel Step - Donates $3,000 to New Zealand

"By helping others, we help ourselves," says Trevor Griffith, the recently appointed interim President of Benton House. "Every dollar counts... to everyone." (Read More)



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Our Mission Statement:

Benton House is a neighborhood social service agency, continuing the heritage of the settlement house movement. Our purpose is to enrich the quality of life of both individual residents and the neighborhood as a whole. We exist to promote the stability, economic vitality and cultural growth of the community we serve. We strive to provide an integrated, comprehensive array of individual social services to improve the health, educational, social, recreational, and cultural opportunities for individuals and their families.

Benton House Pre-1913

Your Community, Your Space

How would you use Benton House's space and resources to enrich the Bridgeport Community? Send us your great ideas and we may help make them a reality!