Kristina Tendilla

Kristina works an an educator, immigrant advocate, community organizer, and an artist. She has been teaching history and cultural studies for 7 years in schools, youth programs, universities, and national conferences. With a strong commitment to public service and the arts, she has worked with CIRCA-Pintig community theater, Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment, and Benton House community center. Kristina received an Immigration Advocate certificate from the National Immigration Institute of San Francisco, and continues to work with immigrant family services. She also co-authored, In Our Aunties’ Words, an oral history book revealing the journey of 1960s Filipina immigrant women diaspora. In December 2009, Kristina helped launch Bridgeport’s only food pantry at Benton House. In July 2011, she founded Girls Action League, an exciting young women empowerment program also at Benton House. After two years of social justice leadership in Chicago, she was the youngest woman to be nominated to sit on the 2011 Mayoral Advisory Board on Human Relations. She is currently the Co-Chair of Bridgeport Alliance, a grassroots multi-issue based organization in Bridgeport formed in 2011. Kristina hopes to continue to build enriching programs at Benton House and create positive social change.