Food Pantry                                   Contact:
Serving approx. 100 households a week and over 1500 individuals a month. The Benton House Food Pantry is the only pantry in Bridgeport. We run a client choice model and work hard to provide fresh and organic vegetables and vegan/vegetarian/GF options. 

After School Mural and Homework Help                 Contact:
Working with tutors from SAIC and Shimer College, local kids are given a safe space to finish their homework and express their creativity by brightening up the Buckingham room

Backyard Botany                                 Contact:
The community Garden attached to Benton House. Harvests are donated to the Food Pantry in our continued efforts to provide fresh, organic options to our clients.

Radical Film Screenings                           Contact:
Bi-weekly showings of ‘radical’ films followed by an in depth discussion. 

Book 'Em!                      Contact:
A small, dedicated collection of ‘radical’ texts with open hours and a free lending program.

Basketball Night                Contact:
Weekly friendly game of Basketball. Wednesdays, 8pm-10pm.

Math Circle                                    Contact:
A new way to learn Math! Math circle is dedicated to making math more engaging for elementary to middle schoolers.

Hosting Service Groups                            Contact:
Volunteer groups and service organizations receive a tour, an introduction to Benton House, it’s resident program and help us serve the space in an engaging and interesting way. 

Senior Exercise                             Contact:
Mondays & Wednesdays
10:30 - 11:30 am