-Community Mural Project-

A creative, collaborative journey through the world of public art


6 week program beginning in June

Instructor: Ben Noetzel
In partnership with After School Matters

Program Highlights

  • Creative and technical design

  • Community collaboration

  • Understanding the role of public art

  • Hands-on color mixing and theory

  • Students are paid a stipend through After School Matters

Skills Developed

  • Drawing, drafting, color work and design

  • Leadership, team-building, collaboration

  • Transforming ideas into visual concepts

  • Planning and communication

The Community Mural Project is an opportunity for youth to contribute a public mural to the community, while learning valuable concepts and developing meaningful skills. 

The project is a journey. The group will identify a mural site, engage with the site's community and stakeholders, work together to draft a design, create a public mural, and then celebrate the achievement with a community ceremony unveiling the work.

Participants enjoy hands-on mural planning and painting, engaging and collaborating with the community, and technical and creative mentorship.  


Sign up via After School Matters at www.afterschoolmatters.org. The official program title is "Intergenerational Mural Program."

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