Benton House is a non-profit community center in Bridgeport neighborhood in Chicago, IL. It has served the neighborhood since 1907 and today continues to offer a wide variety of services and programs, including: a food pantry, after-school programs, community garden, senior citizen groups, and community events.

The programs at Benton House are run by Resident Workers, volunteer staff who live and work together in the community center. Resident Workers are expected to work at least 20 hours per week and live on-site, free of rent.

The staff at Benton House is looking for another hard worker to join its crew to help run current programs and services and help build the growing organization. Enthusiastic, creative, and skilled persons dedicated to public service, community enrichment, and social justice & equality are encouraged to apply!

We currently have multiple positions available, listed below.


We have an immense amount of programming space: two large buildings that near 30,000 square feet, and we’re trying to do as much with it as we can. We're looking for someone to help maintain and develop our space for new and existing programming.

Facilities projects can range from physical DIY fix-ups to complete overhauls of space. As Chair of the Facilities Committee you will be encouraged to plan and prioritize, establish operations procedures for regular maintenance, oversee projects, coordinated volunteers, and more. This could be an excellent opportunity to fill a portfolio with multiple projects. 

We would like to start using our gymnasium space for more public, community-oriented athletic programming. Folks experienced with and/or interested in youth recreational sports, adult leagues, low-budget training camps, etc., should apply! 

The Athletic Coordinator will be expected to take on certain administrative duties, such as scheduling, relevant reporting, coordinating with Benton House personnel, program participants, and external affiliations.


-Other Positions-

Additionally, we are looking for a Resident Worker who has experience and/or interest in one or more of the following:

  • Community Outreach

  • Fundraising

  • Program/Event Coordination

  • IT

  • Media and Marketing

  • Administration

  • Finances

We also encourage applicants with skills that will advance our programs outside of the above functions to apply. Most resident staff have a hand in multiple programs and projects, Benton House encourages collaboration and skill-sharing.

Considering the significant Chinese population in the Bridgeport neighborhood, we would love to have someone who speaks Cantonese on staff to help design programs and services for the Chinese community!


Each Resident Worker, beyond their 20 hours of work for the organization, must fulfill the general responsibilities of all resident staff. This includes the following:

-Attend and actively participate in weekly staff and committee meetings

-Assist in community events, fundraisers

-You are an ambassador of Benton House: be respectful to neighbors and community members at all times, even when you are not working.

-Complete weekly chores and office hours

  -Enthusiastically commit to living in a communal, collaborative, and sustainable living environment!


We encourage our residents to have other employment , but right now our ideal candidate will only have a part-time, or free-lance commitment. Benton House offers a chance to make a difference in the community, live in a fun communal setting, while building your resume.

To apply for the position of Resident Worker, please send your resume with a thoughtful cover letter to explaining how an unpaid resident worker position at Benton House will fit into your life and connect to your interests and long-term goals. As part of the application process, we would like applicants to visit Benton House, meet residents, and observe programming. For this, please add your availability with days/times that you would be able to come visit in the next month in your cover letter. We look forward to hearing from you!

The resident program welcomes all identities and backgrounds to apply in order to sustain our mission of building a unified community across social locations. Since we live in the community we work with, we believe our residents ought to reflect the experiences and perspectives of our community as much as possible. Tolerance of all peoples is expected of applicants. People of color, queer, and trans individuals are encouraged to apply.