Service Learning at Benton House 

A commitment to increase the quality and quantity of volunteer opportunities for youth

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
— Mahatma Gandhi

The Service Learning Program at Benton House combines hands-on education with community service to promote civic responsibility among young people in the Bridgeport Neighborhood. We offer opportunities to participate in many levels of service, and focus on reflecting deeply about the importance of civic engagement and community service.

Starting as early as the summer after eight grade graduation you can earn hours of service-learning credit towards high school or extracurricular requirements by helping Benton House serve the community in a variety of ways.

  • Help us feed our neighborhood by providing food to over 2,000 Bridgeport families.

  • Learn how our urban garden provides opportunities in agriculture and healthy living, as well as produce for deserving families.

  • Engage senior citizens with a community meal, concert, or educational seminar.

  • Participate in promoting the importance of voting, civic engagement, and advocacy in our community.

  • Repair old computers to donate to needy institutions, schools, churches, and other community centers

How to Participate

It's easy! Sign up below and we'll invite you to service learning events and keep you updated on opportunities to get involved right here in Bridgeport.

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