Faurot Hall

3052 S Gratten Ave

(773) 927-6420

Residences, Main Offices, Recording Studio & Woodshop

Residence Hall:

The hall for residents is located on the second floor of this building. About 10 residents may comfortably live together in the hall. Each resident is alloted a room to live in for a certain period, and in return devotes time, skills, and resources to better operate the Benton House and fulfill its mission. Since residents are operators it is much different than a glorified living space. Residents are almost always "communing," whether it be with each other, younger and older community members, folks from local businesses, sister organizations, colleges, and universities, There is an expectation that all residents be examples of what it means to be an engaged community member.  A resident at the Benton House is everyone's neighbor and hopefully we are all better for it. 


Main Offices:

Pearse Hall

3034 S Gratten Ave

Gymnasium, Library, Computer Lab