Ramova Room (Pearse Hall)

The Ramova Room is used for Food Pantry, Community Workshops, and Senior gatherings. It is also the site of the emerging Benton House Library.

Interested in using the Ramova Room?

Computer Lab (Pearse Hall)

Our Computer Lab is used for Youth Programming, such as our Youth Robotics program and our Computer Refurbishment Classes. Eventually, we would like this lab to be open to the public and provide computer and internet access to our neighbors.

Mural Room (Faurot Hall)

The Mural Room is used for the Sound Alternative youth program, as well as a space for crafts and gatherings. 

Interested in using the Mural Room?

Recording Studio (Faurot Hall)

Our recording studio is located in the basement, and was put together and engineered by Jaime Gartelos and his Sound Alternative students.

Woodshop (Faurot Hall)

It's a woodshop! We currently use it to build bookshelves for our library and other miscellaneous projects.

Gymnasium (Pearse Hall)

The Gymnasium is used for Volunteer group orientation and Senior Exercises. It is also available for adult recreation and private events.

Interesting in using the Gymnasium?


Visit the Backyard Botany page to learn more about our garden and garden programs!